Happy with Vela Results Except for Strange Thigh Problem

Loved the treatments and saw great results. I have...

Loved the treatments and saw great results. I have had velasmooth and velashape It really helped tighten my hips and thighs after liposuction. My husband saw the results after the second treatment. I was very pleased.

After treatments for over a year, one week after my last treatment I felt a "bee sting" in the outer I.T. band above my knee. This was followed by coolness, hardness, burning and very tender to the touch in the area. Sicatica symptoms came on and lasted for one week. The sciatica has resolved but the hardness, soreness and tenderness remain. None of my doctors can tell me what is wrong. Any suggestions of who to see or what to do to get relief ?


Was that a typo in the price, $4000 for this procedure??? I think they really ripped you off. Please check this site for the procedure cost list. It seems the norm for 10 treatments is $1500. The problems you speak of sound like they did damage to your nerves. You should see a reg doctor and be done with this place!
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