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No Change After 8 Sessions of Velashape

I didn't have visible cellulite until I hit 42. I...

I didn't have visible cellulite until I hit 42. I have mild cellulite on upper thighs and butt. I am 5'8" and a size 4, so I can't lose weight to reduce its appearance. I exercise 5-6 times a week; my water intake is adequate and my diet is very healthy (no meat, no fast food, no highly processed food, no sugar).

After five sessions, absolutely no difference in appearance. The place I went to offered me three extra sessions at no cost. So now after eight sessions, I can still say absolutely no difference.

Am I a whimp or what. Everything I read about Velashape mentioned how painless it was. I found the treatments very uncomforable and learned to take a vicodan before the sessions. My bruising was fairly extensive and caused an MD to ask I was being physically abused! After my 4th session I became ill with a low grade fever nausea, and general malaise. I decided to forgo vanity and listen to my body. No more sessions for me.

Yes, but not for Velashape.

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