VelaSmooth is the Only Thing That I Found Worked

Vela Smooth is the only thing that not only helped...

Vela Smooth is the only thing that not only helped my cellulite disappear but had lasting results even after I stopped (the only reason being I didn't have the time). Prior to Vela Smooth I spent tons of money on other Cellulite treatments that claimed to work but never had results anywhere close to Vela Smooth.

Even though I found it an uncomfortable procedure, but worth it when I saw the results. In fact, now that I have more time (it has been a year & a half) I am looking to go back.


So happy to hear the news! Did you have different technicians each time that used different application techniques? I have had 3 and 1 of them believes that the circular motion will benefit my saggy lower belly versus straight across... What do you think? I've had my 4th treatment today. No more pain for me - it actually feels good now!
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Aside from doing great job, she was pleasant, caring and made you feel very comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, she no longer practices.

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