Wrinkled Skin Post Op Vaser on Inner Thighs

Hi I had Vaser yesterday in my inner thigh...

Hi I had Vaser yesterday in my inner thigh area,the procedure went very smoothly practically painfree and i feel just a little tender this morning, not unlike a post workout at the gym.

However Im a little concerned as on my right thigh theres a deep crease like a wrinkle, both the doctor and nurse assure me this would be ok and resolve in time, Im concerned they removed to much fat from that location and am hoping for the best.My inner thighs have been the bane of my life, i just hope the results look better as time goes on.

they took alot less fat from the left inner thigh area, will this resolve naturally or could i be left with this permanently??? its unsightly now.

unfortuanately 4 mths later i have a huge indent cave like in my thigh, i have an apt with a plastic surgeon not an aesthic one in 2 weeks to a)rectify it and b) to take legal action. luckily its only my thighs and not somewhere very visible however,i havent been swimming or for waxing since... sorryto hear your in a similar position, never again would i touch Vaser
Will you keep me updated? I want to know what I need to do to correct it! Thanks and good luck to you.
I am curious did this get better because I now have the same thing in my right inner thigh?
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depending on the results in a few weeks it all went very smoothly, however concerned re results at present so unsure of reccomendation

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