New Woman After Vaser

I like that i had vaser lipo. I was able to have...

I like that i had vaser lipo. I was able to have my family there. And i think it was worth it. I have no regrets.

I wanted to know when the hardness of the stomach...

I wanted to know when the hardness of the stomach will go down, and the moving sensations is that seroma?

But i want to know when the sensation of movement and hardness around my belly button will go away.
I don't understand the difference either...I just know that i hate the one I have. I've checked out the 2nd stage one and was going to purchase one this weekend. Could you tell me what department store you got yours from? Thats what i with no zippers! Was it expensive?
I still don't understand what the difference is between stages in garments. My MD didn't say anthing about this. In fact he said many of the garments ordered from high-end companies are no better than those bought at nice department stores - where I got mine. Mine has no zippers and is completely elastic. It's making me very smooth and I'm 8 days out. What's the deal with this 2nd stage stuff? I have looked for explanations and they are vague.
Cool thanks!! I think im goin to have to get me one of those 2nd garments sounds great..Im tired of the one i have just so got sick of wearing but i do for a few hours. So i will look into that!!
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Very professional...and very realistic

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