Spare Tired Despite Workout and Healthy Diet

Well I did it because no matter how much I worked...

Well I did it because no matter how much I worked out and ate a healthy diet I could not get rid of the "spare tire" I had and after years of frustration, I had the procedure done.

I had the procedure done almost 3 weeks ago now, I am seeing good results even though I'm still a little swollen. Overall I'm pretty happy at my 3 week mark.

My only concern is I have wrinkled/wavy lines above my belly button. Is this part of the hearling process? Did anybody else experience this and if so did it clear on its own with time?
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who was your Dr.
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what doctor and where are they located?
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I had mine too as my tummy starts to bulge after switching to a desk-bound job. I am someone who hates exercises, ate alot (unhealthily) and starts to put on weight at my 30 years of age (I'm 31 this year and my BMI is 23). Well, regarding your area of concern, the lines and wrinkles may be the loose skin, try using stretch mark creams to massage regularly to see if it helps.
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