Vaser Lipo to Reduce Dress Size - Hugh Disappointment

Not happy with vaser laser and after 7 months...

Not happy with vaser laser and after 7 months still swollen than ever and a size bigger..look worse than before.

Had it to reduce dress size. I am not sure dr was up to scratch so perhaps I should have gone toPlastic Surgeon.

What compensation or redress is there in such cases?
You should contact your doctor first if you're unhappy with the results & try to resolve the situation. You can also get help & advice from a charity called Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) - I can't post the link but you can find it on the internet. Legal action has to be initiated within 3 years of the precipitating incident.
Hi,saffron,how are you doing with your recovery from vaserlipo? I've been researching for a good surgeon to do my vaser,I live in uk too.could you let me know who did yours as I don't want to go to the same dr as yours.many thanks.
I've just has vaser lipo by dr lamya she was so comforting and extremely honest in all her consolations which i thought was fantastic She part of the hospital group in London they are full of info there and no one pushed me to do anything. When made my mind up I phoned and booked. The time took 4 hours as I had 3 areas done but dr lamya was taking to me and kept me very interested in all that was happening. You can feel some tugging and the initial injection for the small holes was very painful but it was for a second on each area minor, when they fill the areas you feel nothing major again it's minor what was extremely noisy was the lazier it makes a charp noise but you get used to it. Three days on I must admit the first two days were hard as I was on strong pain killers but after 2days I couldn't believe there was no pain iam stiff in the back but that's because my flanks where huge and she did an amazing job. I recommend this to anyone who really needs it .
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Dr is a jack of all trades whereas a plastic surgon is skilled

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