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TODAY IS JUNE 25, 2009 I had 3 procedures. First...

TODAY IS JUNE 25, 2009 I had 3 procedures. First one was inner and outer thighs, knees which has been almost one month ago and then about 10 days ago mid section and then 3 days ago arms and chin.

It is to soon to tell how much improvement but do know there is some already. I did bruise some, but the leg and stomach area bruises are almost completely gone. The chin which was done 3 days ago very little and is light bruising.

The Dr. and staff have been great. They made me feel very comfortable and cared about.

Dr. Schlosser at Avanti

Very caring and professional

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I had Lipo-vaser June 11th. I am still having pain However I see results already. Dr took 4 canisters of fat. Still have hardness, started medrol pack steroids, just finished. I will see if results worth it when the swelling goes down....
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