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Smart Lipo and Vaser Wrap, Abdomen, Hips and Bra and Pubic Area

I would recommend the procedure again. The only...

I would recommend the procedure again. The only thing my Dr told me minimal pain and quick recovery. I disagree, I had severe pain and am still having pain now.

My abdomen is rock hard 4 weeks postop. I went to the doctor followup last week and was started on Medrol steroids(did not help) I see some results but still swollen in the hip area, back and abdomen.

I had the wrap, the bra area did not hurt at all. It feels like my skin is stuck and my muscles are pulling down wards. I am wearing the compression garment, not helping. I weighed 187 5'3" lost several inches weigh 179 now. Dr got 4 canisters of fat during procedure(stated more than usual said I lost 95% of fat in the areas.

When I went to the followup, they told me the hardness and swelling will go down. We will see, I think it was worth it. It hurts more than I anticipated. I have one area above my belly button. I think he is going to touch up a small roll, he told me it would probably be there and it was. my hips and abdomen skin is retracting well.

I am not complaining though because I am starting to see results and I have had 10 people ask me if I have lost weight. I will be able to wear a bikini though, I am 45 and am very happy. Good luck to you...


Updated: July 16, 2009

Smart Lipo with Vaser. Wrap abdomen, Flank, Hips. 4 cansiters removed of fat. Dr states 95% fat removed. 5'3" prior weight 187 weight now 179.

I have hardness and a roll over belly button. hardness in the flank. I just finished Medrol and still hard? When will it go away? I am massaging daily-it hurts still. I cant believe how much pain I am having.

When will the hardness go away?
Dr. Thomas Su

The staff and Dr are great. He takes his time and explains procedure and even during procedure very compassionate and stops if you need a break...

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You don't have you provider listed did you see dr.su and how are your results now.
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Thanks for updating your post, Renee.

There's a discussion about hard spots after SmartLipo here: Hardness after smartlipo?

Hope this helps alleviate some of your concerns!

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