No Change After Vaser at 12 Weeks

I had VASER on my tummy 12 weeks ago and have had...

I had VASER on my tummy 12 weeks ago and have had very little change. My measurements are still the same as they were before the procedure. My lower belly is flatter, but my waist is bigger. I had a lot of fluid retention and swelling, too.

Any suggestions?


I had slim liposuction 3 months ago, today. I had my waist done, sides and back. I had swelling up until a week or two ago. I was numb for most of the time, but now it's minimal. My problem, is that my rear end is definitely bigger. It sticks out more whereas before, it was flatter. Nothing liposuctioned there, but I want to know if this will sublside. I eat the same way I've always eaten. Healthy, no junk foor and am slim. Please help!
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I had vaser liposuction done on my abs/flanks. Doctor indicated he took close to a pound of fat out. My stomach is flatter - no question about it but my waist is "thicker" - now my measurements around that area are up close to an inch?!? Before the procedure, my measurements weren't that bad - just flabby - now tighter and bigger? Should point out that I still have numbness around my lower abs. Anyone out there have the same problem? Please don't tell me it's diet - have not change my eating habits - the rest of my body is the exact same. For example, just today my skirt looked good but felt "tighter" around the waist.
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Yes, I have, but my doctor said that you shouldn't have to diet, as long as you don't pig out! I am seeing another doctor for a second opinion next week.
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No change in body yet. Doctor did not explain all of the possible complications, pain, and time off work.

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