Vaser for Unwanted Fat Deposits on Upper/lower Abs

I had unwanted fat deposits that would not go away...

I had unwanted fat deposits that would not go away with exercise on my stomach so I got Vaser liposelection and now, for the most part, my stomach looks great. Just a little concerned about the uneven swelling in my lower abdominal area. My stomach was flat right after the surgery but now that it is healing, it seems to be changing shapes.

I had Vaser lipo about 3 weeks ago on my upper and lower abdomen and I have uneven swelling under my belly button (the place that most the fat was removed). My compression garments seem to not be doing anything for me at all as they are not as tight as they first seemed to be. I was just wondering if this was normal, considering it was the place of most "trauma" and if the uneven swelling will eventually go down.

My stomach was pretty much flat up until about a week and a half ago and now it looks like I have a miniature (less fat involved) version of what was going on before. I am just a little concerned that this will not go away. I know it takes time, but it was flatter before and now it looks a bit strange.

Hopefully by the three month mark everything will be looking better.

My stomach was flat until a little over a week ago, and now 3 weeks out, it's not. What's going on?


Hey, I read your blog, and I'm so interested in getting it down! Can you provide the name of the surgeon who operated on you? Thank, and good luck recovering, summer is coming soon....woohooo..
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Hi Jack. Sorry for the delay in posting a reply. I was out of town ... and had long since forgotten my log-in password for RealSelf. It's probably been a year or more since my last post?

My surgeon for Vaser High Def Lipo was Dr. Andrew Kaczynski in Sac'to, CA. You can google him to get the website. Also, he offers even more state-of-the-art technology in the 3 years since I got my Vaser ultrasound lipo. Check it out! A consult with him would put you on the right track for the results you want.

He may not be the least expensive surgeon out there, but I am still amazed with my results!
First off: YOWIE! $1600 for Vaser lipo to the abs?!?! You got a deal - one I hope you'll enjoy the results of. I paid $10,500 for Vaser High Def lipo on my torso (front and back).

While each person will heal differently, I can assure you, my recovery was about 6 months total until my abs finally settled in to their more smooth and sculpted look.

Just like you, initially my abs were flat from the foam core compression garment. But in the weeks and months that followed, I had lots of lumpy stuff going on. It ALL resolved in time. So be patient, but if you need to follow up with your surgeon, do so, because some offer either cool laser and/or ultrasound treatments after surgery.

I started in on those treatments about 2-3 weeks post surgery.
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Name not provided

Very caring doctor and staff. Good pricing. Good results.

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