Almost No Pain, Hope to See Better Results over Time

I had vase two weeks ago on lower abdominal and...

I had vase two weeks ago on lower abdominal and flanks and so far I am happy with the results. I still have a bit of swelling left and don't have any bruising. My measurements now close to that i had before but I hope I will see better results after all the swelling is gone.

Doctor said that I should not wear compression garment. So far i am happy with that I see but a bit worried if not wearing the garment would affect final results (I am 5.6 and weigh 136)


what is your doc's name please?
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hi, i'm looking for a plastic surgeon who performed vaser lipo. please, what's the name of your physician? thanks!
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Hi..I live in NY and am looking for a good surgeon. Can you please provide the name of your physician? Thanks!
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Name not provided

Minimal discomfort, no bruising. Doctor and staff are all very experienced. Allowed to contact patients who previously received the same procedure.

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