Abdominal Swelling Around Belly Button

Recovery time versus tumescent liposuction was...

Recovery time versus tumescent liposuction was extremely shorter by weeks! I was treated by a board certified plastic surgeon in Germany and the results were satisfactory

I had vaser lipo on 31 Jan 09 of the upper/lower absdominal area and flanks. I had extreme puffiness around my belly button area. My belly button is extremely tight and depressed, not normal looking at all.

I had a revisional procedure done on 29 Apr 09 and that area still looks the same. Is this normal?

Swelling often takes several months to go down. April 09 was practically yesterday. It should go down over the next 6 - 9 months or so... You can also get light steroids from your doctor to help, if he/she thinks it's a good idea.
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