Facial Vein Removal Redness / Scabbing HELP!

Pros: Quick, no medication needed, and nearly pain...

Pros: Quick, no medication needed, and nearly pain free

Cons: scabbing, redness, unsightly after treatment I did it to get rid of the veins on my face so I wouldn't have to constantly wear makeup.

I had V Beam treatment for small facial veins on my face four weeks ago. I instantly had scabs in the areas the doctor treated. They fell off a few days later, but I now have redness in their place. The veins seem to have turned redder! Is this normal?????

hello im seeking a candela v beam treatment im also in c.a can anyone recommend me to good doctor. i notice you paid 150 can you give me the doctors info.. im in los angeles

Hi binne, did the redness get better after a few weeks?  I had V Beam and was amazed that is finally got my rosacea in check.  I did have to go through scabbing and swelling like you did.

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She didn't tell me everything I needed to know about the treatment. She just told me that the scabs would fall off and I would be fine.

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