Implants 20+ Yrs Ago - Removal and Replacement/finding the Right Dr.

The Pros for doing it was it gave me self asteem I...

The Pros for doing it was it gave me self asteem I didn't feel like I could pass as a boy. The cons there were not any. I did it because I had had three children was flat as a board no shirts every looked nice. I did it for me and my Spouse.

Please remember this was done a long time ago and the price reflects. The repairs will cost far more I am sure.

I had implants 20 plus years ago. My weight over the years has gone up and down like a yoyo. Right now all I have is Rock Hard silicone implants without them I would have nothing. My question is how hard and painful is the removal of the old implants and scar tissue and can new implants be put in. How much Pain time down etc. Oh and the really big question Money am I looking at to fix my problem?


I just had this surgery right before Christmas 09, I am in my 4th week post-op. This has been the worst and most painful proceedure in my life. I am 54, mine were done in 1980, both ruptured, one outside of the capsule.I am still in a lot of pain, the left breast, which has the leakage outside is the most painful.I cannot return back to work yet, because my left arm still has no muscle strength. I was bruised from my breast's to my hips, and all across my back. I don't know if I would do this again, I needed to because I started having breathing issues from the silicone, at least thats what they told me in the hospital. I had a lot of hard lumps from the silicone, but I still wish I had not gone through with the surgery. I did have new implants placed back in,(saline).The pain is unbearable, I cried for days..I will not lie to you. I have terrible pain in my left nipple, and my only hope is that the pain will go away..if that does finally happen, I hope someday I will look back and say..YES, that was worth it. My breasts look beautiful, in spite of all the misery..but right now, I can't enjoy them. My Dr from 1980 did this surgery, removed for free..and only charged me 3000. Was it worth it? I am still not sure..let you kno when I'm pain free..Good Luck!
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If you had not had a mammogram because of capsular contracture then an MRI should be done before the surgery, to make sure all is well. Then you can undergo the capsulectomy, removal of implants with or without replacing the implants. That is your choice.It is done at the same time. You also have the choice of type of implant, saline VS silicone.
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The removal should be quite straightforward and yes, you should be able to get new implants. The pain should be the same as with any breast augmentation revision surgery. If anything, I think you'll feel tremendous relief at how you feel immediately post-op, if not the feeling of "Why didn't I do this sooner?" Since you already have implant pockets, you won't have to experience the same grief you experienced during the recovery phase of your original augmentation surgery. I think you will be delightfully surprised at the results. And by the way, there are some new silicone implant options on the market today that weren't available 20 years ago, so you would do well to check out the options available to you. Good luck!
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