Upper Eyelid Surgery Complication

I had upper eyelid surgery on both eyes on June...

I had upper eyelid surgery on both eyes on June 25th of this year. My right eyelid is not opening all the way when I look up or out to the side. When I raise my eyebrows my entire right eye pulls up. The left eye is not having any of these problems. Also, I have raised scars on the outside of both of my eyes.

Could my doctor have injured the levator muscle in my right eye - or possible extracted too much fat causing a ptosis effect?

Dr. Gerald Acker, Roslyn Heights, New York

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It is difficult to tell what happened. I would need to see a photograph and see your eye move to see what can be done to fix it.
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Don't feel that bad. My situation is way worst than yours. I was 27 when this dr. quack give me two different size and shape of eyes. I have noticeable scars everywhere. He used me for an experiment and have no eyelid skills. My eyelid creases are very wrinkle and the my crease line is bumpy and lump with zig zag stitch marks. I have deep scars under my eyebrow and some into my forehead.. I am not joking. I have to live with loads of scars daily and I am glad there is website like this which allow me to air out what happened to me.
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