Unusual Odor in the Nose Following Open Rhinoplasty for Bulbous Tip

I sought rhinoplasty for a bulbous tip. I am five...

I sought rhinoplasty for a bulbous tip. I am five months out and very satisfied with the result. The only con was the immediate recovery period, but it was well worth it in my experience.

I had open rhinoplasty five months ago for a bulbous tip. The immediate recovery period seemed to go well and I have had no complaints. However, I have been noticing for the past 3 to 4 weeks an odor in my nose. I have never before had any kind of nose/sinus issues. I am experiencing no pain or discomfort, and I'm breathing well through the nose with only minimal swelling of the tip in the mornings, but still noticing this odor, which reminds me of mildew.

Since I've become aware of the odor, I have used a little saline to cleanse, and q-tips with aquafor to moisturize, but no relief from the smell. Should I be concerned and are there any suggestions as to what this may be?
Hi there. Just curious if you ever found an answer for your situation or if it resolved on it's own? I had the same surgery in oct 2007 and have had an odor in the tip ever since. It drives me nuts but cleaning, etc doesn't help.
Hello, I am looking to get a rhinoplasty to correct a bulbous tip in the Atlanta area as well. Would you mind giving me your doctor's name and/or some before and after pictures since you like your result? Thanks
The surgery was completed by John Connors. I don't have pictures handy, but I would be glad to try and answer any other questions you may have about him via this forum or my email: westbound8@hotmail.com. Best of luck!
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