How Long Will Eyebrow Droop Last

I had Botox to help with my career as I work in a...

I had Botox to help with my career as I work in a very youth based industry. I wish I had chosen another method as now I can't work until it all wears off.

I have eyebrow droop after Botox but luckily no eyelid droop. It makes the skin above my eyelid and under my brow look swollen in the morning and crepe like later in the day. My consultant said this could not be fixed and that it would diminish within 8 weeks of the injections. I had a low dose of 2 units as it was my first ever treatment. Is this the usual amount of time?


I am now into my 6th week and have my eyelids back! Thank God my doctor only gave me a low dose. I will never have my forehead dome again though!
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This is due to complete paralysis of the forehead muscle (The Frontalis). It will last 3-5 months, depending on the amount and concentration of the Botox
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Hi Farideh, It might be a slight pucker which occurs when the muscles are frozen by the Botox. After 7 days the Botox should have taken full effect. Go back and see what they say. Hopefully it will wear off. Might be an infection of some kind though so you should see your Dr rather than worrying by yourself.
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They were kind and understanding

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