Unhappy with Tummy Tuck

I am 2 weeks post full tummy tuck. I had a lot of...

I am 2 weeks post full tummy tuck. I had a lot of loose skin from a 175 pound weight loss. Now I have what looks like a roll all the way across starting at my hip bones. The only difference I see is that instead of hanging it is tight. My clothes are tighter now than before the surgery.

I had the surgery because I hated the saggy skin. I had absolutely no pain which was good. But now I am affraid that the surgeon will not fix it. My insurance would not cover this so I had to pay out of pocket. When I went for my first post follow up the surgeon said "It doesn't look like it did on the operating table, it is bigger."

Can a full tummy tuck be repeated and how soon? All I do is cry when I look in the mirror.
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I just had my tt on march 12th but I have been taking arnica montana for swelling and bromelain for brusing. I recommend them and they can be found at vitamin world or any GNC store.
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You're swelling should be gone now.
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At only two weeks out I don't think you should worry yet, I've heard lots of people have that type of swelling. I think you should wait you might be surprised out how much change you'll see still.
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