ULTRASHAPE is a WASTE of Money-Should Have Done Lypo!!!

I was told when I went for the consultation that I...

I was told when I went for the consultation that I was a perfect candidate that this procedure was made for people like me that exercise a lot and eat well and still have an area where the fat just doesn't want to go away!

I did everything by the book, I exercised even more than I already did (going pratically everyday) and nothing fattening. And I lost only 2 inches, yes there was a difference (which the nurse told me that was amazing) but it was not worth that much money at all!!! Beleive me, it's a waste, don't think, like me, no I'll be different, I was the got the best results!! and it's nothing great!!!

I have to disagree with all of you being a salon owner and operator. I just want to reiterate that the process is called fat cavitation meaning it destroys fat cells, secondly it is important to understand your OWN bodies limitations. After the fat is liquified it is then filtered through your liver and lymph-nodes hence why drinking water is very important. It has a cellulite aspect known as Endermology. If you are after surgical results then No Fat cavitation of any type is probably not suitable for you and if you were a client of mine would have been in fact turned away because I don't need the negativity or the headache of people who don't understand how it works and how your body works. 2 inches is MASSIVE and to illustrate how massive that is i will put it into Kilojoules for you. 1gram of liquified fat known as lipids and fatty acids = 9kj (energy) 1 gram of beef such as steak = 4 kj (energy) When this energy is not used the liquified fat is then filtered through your liver and lymph nodes and is important not to over load the system - if you do not burn off the energy (kj) the fat will simply be sucked up by existing fat cells (because the others were destroyed) else where in the body.
Question: Do you loose 2 inches working out 1 hour at the gym? No, It did its job, it is important to have realistic expectations and understand the limits on your liver and lymph-node system. If you are after a surgical result then yes you should have done that instead.
This website is great. Many times people have said that no matter how much they exercise & diet some areas of fat are resistant. I thought I was the only one with this problem and was therefore some sort of freak/lazy/ate more than I thought I did etc. My local clinic has just started providing Velasmooth and Ultrashape and I am very unsure about trying it.
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There was nothing wrong with the nurse, she did her job but the procedure is just not worth it!

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