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ULTRASHAPE is a WASTE of Money-Should Have Done Lypo!!!

I was told when I went for the consultation that I...

I was told when I went for the consultation that I was a perfect candidate that this procedure was made for people like me that exercise a lot and eat well and still have an area where the fat just doesn't want to go away!

I did everything by the book, I exercised even more than I already did (going pratically everyday) and nothing fattening. And I lost only 2 inches, yes there was a difference (which the nurse told me that was amazing) but it was not worth that much money at all!!! Beleive me, it's a waste, don't think, like me, no I'll be different, I was the got the best results!! and it's nothing great!!!

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There was nothing wrong with the nurse, she did her job but the procedure is just not worth it!

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This website is great. Many times people have said that no matter how much they exercise & diet some areas of fat are resistant. I thought I was the only one with this problem and was therefore some sort of freak/lazy/ate more than I thought I did etc. My local clinic has just started providing Velasmooth and Ultrashape and I am very unsure about trying it.
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Ok for you ppl that don't get what ultrashape is it's not a lipo machine it's a cellulite removal for the most of it and you ppl that are upset becuase you spent 100's of dollars to loose 2 inches, you should be lucky you even lost that people like i said this isn't a miracle machine it's for cellulite! not a wait loss plan! lol
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