Septo-rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing and Remove Bump

I was unable to breathe properly for 15 yeas and...

i was unable to breathe properly for 15 yeas and felt this would help greatly, i also had a bump on the exterior of my nose which i hated. i knew the only way to fix this problem was with a septo-rhinoplasty.

i have had a septo-rhinoplasty 4 days ago, all is going well. i have read an article regarding the removal of packing following this procedure. however, i am unsure if i have had any packing. i was not advised on anything following my operation so am left not knowing. would i see or feel any packing if i had any? any advice gratefully received. thank you.
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had it on nhs.

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You might not have splints...I was also confused about "packing" after my surgery. It really wasn't a big deal having it removed...was painless and really quick. I also had my cast (on the outside of my nose) removed when the "packing" came out. Can you breathe through your nose? If not, you have packing in!
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oh, and i'm not sure what packing looks like, but i could see my splints, although not very well. if i looked up my nose, i could see what looked like a plastic straw inside. it did not stick out of the nose at all. in fact, on one side i couldn't see it, but could see it on the other. also, i could feel something was in my nose, slightly obstructing my breathing.
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hey! i hope the surgery went well and you are feeling better now that a couple days have passed after surgery! prior to my surgery, my doctor told me that i would only have packing if i was bleeding pretty badly. he also said i might have splits put in but he wouldn't know for sure until he was actually preforming the surgery. when i came to after surgery, the doctor had already left, and i was left feeling pretty loopy with the nursing staff. i didn't have packing but i did have splits put in. although at the time, i didn't know what i had in my nose-- all i knew what that he had put something up there! do you have a follow up appointment? when i went in a week later, they removed the little cast thing, the stitches, and pulled out the splints. good luck! i hope it turns out well!
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in that case, i dont think i have packing then as i am getting a little air through. i have my appointment tomorrow to have the splint taken off the outside of my nose. still unsure if anything is up there but im sure i will find out tomorrow. i cant wait to see my new small nose, thanks for your reply. best wishes, lisa. xxx
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