Tummy Tuck is Worth It - I'm a Runner and I Love my Results

Ihad a tt about 2 weeks ago and I would do it all...

Ihad a tt about 2 weeks ago and I would do it all over again. I am a big runner and love the results!

Tummy Tuck- pants do not fit..... I had a tt two weeks ago and none of my pants fit me!!! Is this normal? If so how long does it take? I only had skin only tt.
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I got back into my pants between week 2 and 3. I'm at 4 week now. I'm flat in the morning and swell slightly by evening. The pants thing was also vastly helped by changing from that velcro binder into a Spanx garment. What a difference! I think you'll see big changes during this week. I'm a long-time runner, too. It's just about killing me not to go pound the pavement. At 4 weeks I'm thrilled with my result. I'm counting down the days until my exercise restrictions are over.
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Do you still have a lot of swelling? Two weeks is pretty early so I'd bet swelling and/or fluid retention is the culprit.

Best of luck with your recovery and please keep us posted on your results!

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