Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Minimal Lipo

I had significant muscle separation from multiple...

I had significant muscle separation from multiple childbirths, along with a stubborn belly bulge that turned into 3 lovely rolls when I sat down (even at my "ideal weight"). When I tightened up my stomach, it didn't look like I would have enough excess skin to do a full tummy tuck, but it turned out I certainly did!

Winston-Salem Plastic Surgeon

Board certified Plastic Surgeon, PLUS 20 years as a vascular surgeon, which I think had a profound effect on my recovery. Blood suppy was re-established without a hitch, no necrosis, no healing complications (other than swell hell which can't be avoided).

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how long did your swell hell last? I am one week post op for Full TT with lipo of abs, flanks, hips. I am not able to wear full body compression garment due to swelling only the abdomen one. I weighed 121 the morning after surgery and weighed 132 today. All the swelling is driving me crazy! Did you swell that much? When did your swelling get bearable?
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How is your recovery going? Any problems? Can you update with some photos or share what was discussed at your last doctor visit?
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