Mini Tummy Tuck for Flap of Loose Skin Above C-section Scar

I had a c-section 9 years ago and while I am thin...

I had a c-section 9 years ago and while I am thin and in shape I had a flap of loose skin above the c-section scar.

I had a mini tummy tuck done 3 weeks ago. There was a lot of swelling that occured after the drains came out (2 days).

Last week the doctor tried to aspirate - not much came out while I was in the office, but it drained after I left, the remained of the afternoon and stopped sometime during the night. This relieved quite a bit of the discomfort from the swelling.

There is still quite a bit of swelling. This swelling seems to be causing a lip or hang over the incision. I am afraid this is going to remain permanent and not heal to a flat stomach. I am bigger now than I prior to surgery. I look worse now than before. I can't fit into my clothes.

I called the doc and have requested to be aspirated again. Is there anything else that should be done to help the healing to avoid a lip over the incision?
Now I'm desperate ,I had a mini tummy tuck with liposuction august 27 and now I look bigger than before, I don't know what to thing about it. Im really depress .please somebody can tell me something about my situationw.
Sorry to hear about your unhappiness with results. I know it is hard to be patient but I'm thinking things will improve if it has only been 3 wks. I had colon cancer in May and had a 7" scar right below my belly button. I've always been in good shape and after a week of not eating anything due to digestion problems and surgery I came home bigger than before. (sz and wt) I ended up with a flap of skin hanging over the incision. I was so depressed. The cancer was gone but this huge ugly flab was hanging and reminding me of bad things It was hard to fit into my clothes. It has gotten a lot better with time. Those first three months were pretty depressing though. In two days I am going in for a mini tummy tuck to help my problem. Now I'm worried I'm wasting my time and I'll be back feeling like I did three months ago . Sounds like few people are completely happy with their mini tummy tucks. yikes! Let's hope there are many happy ones out there who are just not posting because they are pleased with their results! Best of luck to you.
when did U have Ur procedure? this sounds like my story. how are U now?
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I shouldn't say no yet - its only been 3 weeks but if things don't get better - i would say i got a hack job!

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