36 Y/o Male, Tummy Tuck for Loose, Sagging Skin After 150lb Weight Loss

Hi everyone, i'm a 36 year old male who...

hi everyone,

i'm a 36 year old male who had a tummy tuck 9 week ago - had a lot of loose sagging skin after a 150-lb weight loss from a few years ago. for the most part, recovery has been ok. i did have a complication with seroma build-up, but my PS drained me a few times, and the area eventually hardened and that seems over with.

now the only major lingering problem is that the ab muscles at-and-below the belly button have a tendency to really tighten up on me sporadically throughout the day, esp as the day wears on. the sensation is roughly akin to having had a huge meal and being unable to loosen your pants. it's not painful, but very uncomfortable and kinda scary... can't really do anything to loosen them up. standing/walking becomes uncomfortable when this happens, and my low back starts getting sore.

i've been back in the gym for a few weeks now, so i wondered if i was going back at certain exercises too hard, but it seems to happen every day regardless of whether or not i work out.

* Pros: no more ugly hanging flap of skin below abdomen. Very pleased with that being gone.

* Cons: expensive, discomfort, lengthy recovery - which doesn't appear likely to be over with particularly soon...

Updated: Jan. 21, 2010

So far i'm Undecided if it was worth it, since the visuals are improved, but how i feel is awful. I'll wait for improvement in that, and then I'll change the rating to Yes/No. I do not recommend my surgeon, as he has not been helpful or accessible in answering questions regarding my unfortunate current condition.

just wondering if this is normal at 9 weeks, and how long before it starts to feel normal down there again, or is this a problem and should i seek help from my PS? many thanks for any insights...

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Any updates on your opinion of whether it's worth it? 


Folks, this is Eric again. Dr Brenner i apologize for forgetting to respond last time - thanks for the advice, I did as you said and received valium, which seemed to slightly help. Healing continued until about a month ago, when unfortunately I suffered what I would call a major setback. The tightness in the lower abs continued, and at around 3.5 months, one night i was stretching my back out a little (abs forward, back in) when i felt an uncomfortable "give" in the ab muscles horizontally around the belly button. It immediately seized up, and since that time for over a month now, I have had this very unpleasant feeling that a rope has been tied very tightly around that middle section, and i can't get it to release. Nothing helps. i'm currently in physical therapy and they showing me some gentle stretching and strengthing exercises, as well as how to massage the area. It's been 3 weeks, but it's still very, very unpleasant. It also causes low back pain since my abs feel like they're constantly engaged - like i can't release/relax the muscles. At this point I'm losing hope and trying to stave off depression, since I haven't heard of anybody else having problems like these. I'd really appreciate any insight any doctors here might have. My PS continues to not be very helpful, and my primary care doc wasn't much better. Thanks for ANY help...
The tightness that you are experiencing is very common following a tummy tuck. Although this tightness should be starting to lessen at 9 weeks out, it is not unusual. Working out agressively, especially doing "core abdominal work" can aggravate this symptom, when done too early. Try easing up on your exercise routine, and perhaps stick to cardio. If that does not help, ask your surgeon to consider prescribing you Valium, which helps to relax the muscle.
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I'm still undecided - PS comes off as impatient when having to deal with questions... will rate my experience more fully when it's done...

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