Strange Discharge After Tummy Tuck

Cons: very painful first week incision...

cons: very painful first week incision complication (separated) long recovery time, swelling tightness

pros: abs look much better

Part of my incision has separated and has a cream colored foul smelling discharge. My plastic surgeon says it is not infected and will heal over time. I am worried it looks disgusting!


I am having torsoplasty, (tummytuck and bodylift) in a few days and was told I would be coming home with drainage tubes. Did you have tubes? It definitely sounds like an infection but if your doctor says it's not perhaps it is part of the "normal" drainage that occurs with this type of operation.
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that actually sounds like an infection, especially since it has an odor. You really need to get that taken care of, go to your primary care physician, not your plastic surgeon, and your doctor what surgery you had etc. and i will guarantee you that they will say it is infected. In the mean time i would clean it up, and put some antibiotic ointment on it just incase.
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