Mommy Makeover - Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation W/lift

I had a Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck and breast aug...

I had a Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck and breast aug w/ mastopexy) 4 weeks ago. I had very bad stretch marks and excess skin and fat deposits after delivering a long baby. I am a runner and it just would not go away on its own.

I was very happy with my experience. The anticipation of how "painful" it was going to be was 100% worse than the actual pain.

I love my new boobs! My friend said it best, "Best bra I ever bought!"

I am 4 weeks post tummy tuck, breast aug. w/ mastopexy. I am a runner and am so ready to get back out there running. I am having some internal abdominal pain in the upper abs area. How long does it take for those internal stitches to be fully healed? I am so worried that I am going to mess something up, or that i already have! I have been doing some light walking and pushing a stroller, but that seems to set me back the next day. It is so frustrating because my legs and arms and head and heart feel fine and want to run! I am getting flabby and gaining weight, too. How much of this is still swelling? I don't feel like my upper abs are as flat as they should be, and I used to be able to see my hip bones and see no definition now. Do I just need to take those Valium the doctor prescribed and chill out for a few more weeks? Any suggestions on exercises that I can safely do? I am so frustrated at this point and feel like I am going backwards fast! Also, am I going to have to "retrain" my abs? Will they be stringer now because they have been sewn together, or do I need to get them back to that point? Any advice, support or medical information you can supply is greatly appreciated!
Can you give me the address or name of the clinic please. I looking for a plastic surgeron in NC but I don't know where to go. I want the mommy makeover.I see your comment that you are very happy with your results.
Hello, I had my mommy makeover almost 5 weeks ago,and I'm in the same boat as you,I'm used to working out 4 to 5 times a week,talking about hardcore workout like kickboxing and spinning and right now my doctor is just recommending moderate walking, and yes swelling is normal they said for 3,6,12 months..and when you do workout you will be more swollen, you need to take it easy. So right now stick with moderate walking, don't worry about going backwards look at it this way its better to take it slow rather than overdoing things and hurting yourself. Let the body need for valium..
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I liked his bedside manner and felt he was honest. I needed honesty because I was very confused about what all I needed to have done or didn't need to have done. He was great!

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