Tummy Tuck Problems - I Look Five Months Pregnant

Hi I had a tummy tuck, lipo & a breast...

Hi I had a tummy tuck, lipo & a breast reduction. Above my tummy tuck scars it is very hard, I also have a lump that is painful when I touch it, at times I look 5 months preagnant.

My breast reduction is also bad one boob is bigger then the other.It dosent even look like I had a reduction just a lift.Is this normal?

I had a tummy tuck June 29th I have a huge lump in my stomach above incision. It is painful and the surgeon wants to do a second surgery I am scared and do not wish to continue with him. What is this lump he does not seem to know or even care? I have seen my suregon who dosent care now. I just feel so depressed, please help.
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Just the after treatment is terrible

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It has been 3 months and everyday it is getting worse. Then I went to see another Dr. And he says it is a Hematma or dead tissue but I just found out he knows my Dr.I dont feel comfortable anymore to see anyne I am scared now.
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Are you happy now with the results? I just got mine 7 weeks ago and Im wondering about the pouch right above my pubic area. I just hope it goes away and I didnt just waste my money!
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How long has it been since you had your operation? I would say with the higher boob to work it over pushing side to side and up to down. (HARD! you won't pop it) It could be scare tissue causing it to sit higher. Then with your tummy tuck. I guess it depends on how long it has been, 2 weeks? it's normal it will go down. 1 year? I would have to wonder if there was somthing wrong, maybe you need to go to another doctor. Im sorry your Dr. is acting like he doesn't care. Good Luck
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I had my Tummy Tuck, Lipo and breast reduction in April 2011. I am very happy with my breast reduction but not the tummy tuck. I am glad that I don't have all that fat and hanging loose skin but above my scar my stomac is getting bigger I also look pregnant. Some days it is very hard and other days it is soft. I also thought I could wear smaller pants but I need to by bigger ones and they all roll down to were my scare is. And I am trying to stick to a diet but I have gained all the lbs back that they removed. Is normal for your shape to change that much? I could wear smaller tops as far as my breast goes but I have to wear larger ones to go around my middle. I almost want my fat roll back. Will this problem go away in time. I hear all the time it has only been 7 months give it time.
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