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It was hard to loose my stomach at 50 so i got a...

It was hard to loose my stomach at 50 so i got a tummy tuck. I was afraid to do it because I thought it was going to be very painful afterwards.

I'm 9 days post op tummy tuck. I was asked to wear a binder for 6-8 weeks if not my stomach would get bigger. It it is very uncomfortable and caused my cut to bleed. It this normal? and if I don't wear the binder will my stomach really get bigger?

I plan on wearing my the garment that my doc gave me for only acouple weeks and then I am buying my own that is more comfortable. Did put any bandage between the garment and your incision?
My doctor encouraged me to wear the compression garment to help with swelling. I feel it helped the scar flatten down also. I did cut my binder to fit better as it was poking into my groin area where the drains had been. That helped my comfort level a lot!
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I was afraid to do the tummy tuck because a few people I knew who did it said it was painful.I made up my mind anyway. My daughter needed breast reduction so we both did it. The results were good. In both experiences no pain at all.

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