Highly Disappointed with Tummy Tuck

I had my surgery two years ago and wish I never...

I had my surgery two years ago and wish I never had. I had two c-sections and wanted my stomach to look like it did pre-baby like the PS promised. All the painful recovery and swelling I went through for nothing.

To me I still look and feel the same as I did before the surgery. My PS tells me I'm still swollen two years later. I went to see him last week to tell him I was unhappy and he said he will revise it but I will not be able to stand straight for a month.

I would never go through that again. Bottom line I wish I never had it done. very unhappy and depressed over results. For everyone out there that does get it done I hope they get better results then I did.

Hi! I am 7 wks post op. I went abroad for my op and I just got a reply from them after sending photos to let them know I am dissatisfied. My stomach is hard and numb and still protruding like a cliff edge over my incision. It looks deformed to me!! There reply was to suggest that I had not carried out my post op care properly and that I may have gained a little weight which would cause the protrusion, none of which is the case. They suggest weight loss or lipo! Does anyone know, will I have to pay for this if I have to have lipo?? Or should they have done it when I had my TT as they said I didnt need it at the time??

You are pretty early in the recovery process.  I wonder if this is due to swelling?  I know when I was at 7 weeks I looked like I had a tire around my middle.  Are you comfortable posting pictures and questions to the doctors on the site?  I would definitely ask for some opinions on line. 
The lipo was minimal due to concerns over irregularities in the skin afterward. I would love to share the docs name but I don't want to create tension as I currently work in the same hospital!
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He promised more than I received. Also never admitted the poor job he performed.

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