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Great Surgery. Im So Happy !! (Had Surgery After 65lb Weight Loss and Recurring Infectious Boils in Stretch Marks)

I had to have surgery after experiencing a 65lb...

i had to have surgery after experiencing a 65lb weight loss n battled recurring infectious boils of hair follicles in ab stretch marks. was glad to have surgery as it has changed my life.

is it normal to have internal sutures,( white plastic things) coming out of tummy tuck incision ?
hey there. I had a tummy tuck recently and i also have a stitch poking out. It's like a tiny little string coming out of the belly button incision. I'm guessing it's not a big deal but you should ask your dr. I'm going to a post op today and will find out about mine.
hi my name is jasmine and i was wondering were in ny u went to gett ur tummy tuck!!!!
hello i would like to know where in ny did u do your tummytuck
Scarsdale Plastic Surgeon

great doctor with much skill n good technique.

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