31 Year Old Mom - Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

I am 31 yrs old. Had my son at 17 so 14 (almost 15...

I am 31 yrs old. Had my son at 17 so 14 (almost 15 years later) I finally decided to have a tummy tuck. I had stretch marks 3 inches above my belly button and all over my stomach.

I went to panama to have the surgery done because my parents live down there and they helped take care of me. I decided to do the surgery because i got in an accident on May 2 and was gonna be in a cast on my leg for 10 wks. And since i was already gonna be off work. I thought it would be perfect timing.

Walking after surgery was SOOOO PAINFUL because of the crutches and i had to contract my muscles to walk. But now 3 wks after surgery i'm ok.

Post op - I have a waist!!! but still lots of stretchmarks up to the new belly button and 1 above it. but my stomach is flat. but it hurts quite a bit still. I have a lot of tightness and numbness and still can't touch my stomach. Is that normal? I also can't wear anything around my waist.

5 days ago, (16 days post op) i noticed a bump between my breastbones. I think it's a suture. I called my doctor and he said not to worry about it. It doesn't hurt, it's not swollen or red. It's just a bump right below the skin. do i need to have it looked at? I still can't wear pants or anything around my stomach. I can't even touch my stomach because it's so tight. What can i do. One more question. Every morning for the last 5 days i wake up flexing my stomach so hard I wak up?

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I am intrigued by the idea of having my tummy tuck surgery in a lower cost vacation destination but the risk makes me apprehensive. I would think the fact that your parents live in Panama served to reduce the risk - (ie. I would think that they were heavily involved in selecting the surgeon/facility given that they live there). But let's say you didn't have parents in Panama. Under this scenario, do you think it would have been wise for you to select a surgeon and have the procedure done in Panama? Do you think there would have been a reasonable chance of making a big mistake without the benefit of your parents' involvement in selecting a doc? Thanks !
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My tummy is still numb but much less so. I've heard others have numb tummies up to even a year. I'm use to it now, but it's still a weird sensation. I've been wearing regular underwear at about 2 weeks post op, but I still wear my compression garment over them. I'm getting sick of it and occassionally keep it off for several hours. Today was the first time I exercised without it. I felt good and did not swell too bad. I always wear it to bed. It's very much a love/hate relationship with the garment!
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Yep, that looks like one of the stitches. They take about 6 months to dissolve. I have one next to my belly button that I see sometimes, especially after I exercise. I'm 9 weeks post op. The doctors try to hide them but sometimes they pop out and you can see them. It will go away, don't worry. Also, at 9 weeks my muscles still contract in the morning when I wake up. Maybe it's from the normal stretching we would do in the mornings. It's not as bad as it was several weeks ago. I'm kind of just use to it. AND, it reminds me those muscles have been tightened, and that's a good thing!
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thanks. I feel better now. I am having such a hard time because of my leg and everything. Oh when were you able to touch your stomach. Today was my first day at almost 4 wks post op and its still NUMB. almost all over. When were you able to wear regular underwear?
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