Tummy Tuck Breathing Complications

My mom had surgery as her stomach muscles were...

My mom had surgery as her stomach muscles were collapsing. She was having skin infections from the skin rubbing together. She was hoping the surgery would help her diabetics & clear up the issues with infection.

I am posting this for my mom. She had a tummy tuck done over a week ago. Since the surgery she has remained in ICU at the hospital. She is having problems breathing. The surgery went well & the incision looks great. She cannot still take a deep breath & is needing a C-pap machine to breath. Did anyone have this? Was your surgery to tight? Did your lungs adjust or do you require more surgery?
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Wow..i had the same thing..i got to a point where my parents were going to call an ambulance as i thought i may have had a clot in my lung...it ended up being from the codeine in my medication and my bra was too tight. it went on for a few days.From day 3 to 5 at least. im 8 days post op now and this is the first day im able to breathe a deep breath even then its still not 100%
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Hi LoveMom,

Sorry to hear that your mom is having problems after surgery. Here are two threads that may help answer some of your questions:

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