Belly Button Discharge After Tummy Tuck

I love the dr. and staff ...they are very kind and...

I love the dr. and staff ...they are very kind and helpful. my only concern is the discharge, odor and swelling. pain was minimal.

i had a tummy tuck a year ago and belly button was oozing and had an odor, so i went in for revision... and lipo and now its oozing worse and my belly is swollen and tight around mid section. i did have lipo in tummy area, but 2 days ago, tummy was flat and now it is swollen... any advice? I am 11 days post op
I live in St. George and have thought about getting a TT for years. I'm wondering how you're doing now. And what your recommendations would be for your doctor. Who was your doctor, by the way? I got a couple of referrals from my ob/gyn, but would really like to hear from fellow patients.
call the ps & get in there! I have an infection from a stitch my body is rejecting & I left it for 9 months.:/ it's important to get in & deal with it asap. :)
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