Tummy Tuck at Age 59, Definitely Worthwhile After 3 Pregnancies

After 3 pregnancies (last baby 10 lbs), 2 C...

After 3 pregnancies (last baby 10 lbs), 2 C sections, and a hysterectomy I had a tummy that would not go away. I hated it and decided if I had to be old, I would not be old with a big belly!

Having a tummy tuck enables me to be more active, attractive and confident in my appearance. This procedure is definitely worth it even with the discomfort and pain of first few days. I received excellent care from an office that makes their patients' concerns their priority. I do not believe I could have had better care anywhere else!

I am scheduled to have lipoabdominoplasty with Dr. Poblete on March 27. I am super nervous! Are you happy with your results? Would you consider it a drastic change in how your stomach looks? Any tips for recovery would be greatly appreciated.
i have a TT scheduled with dr poblete im so nervous
I am 56 years old and of course have a pouch/big stomach. I'm looking for a good/trusting doctor/association in my area that you would highly recommend?
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. researches procedures/equipment thoroughly before instituting them in his practices/surgeries. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities and skill. I would recomment my Dr. and his office to anyone looking to have procedures done. You are never rushed to make a decision and never pressured. The Dr. is ther to assist you in your desires to improve your body!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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