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I had the mommy makeover to regain my figure. I...

I had the mommy makeover to regain my figure. I lift weight 5 days as week but I could not tighten extra skin.

I had a tummy tuck 6 weeks ago. Two weeks later I hade a grade 4 rectocele & cystocele trans vaginal repair. The rectocele/cystocele was not cosmetic. I have vaginally delivered and breast fed 6 children.

Two weeks after that (10 days ago) I had a breast lift with saline implants under the muscle. Tomorrow I am having my very deviated septum repaired. All surgeries were performed under general as an out-patient. tomorrow will be my 4th surgery in 6 weeks.

Is it dangerous to have this many surgeries so close together? Is it normal to feel exhausted all the time? (I have 6 children aged 2, 6, 8, 10, 10, 12, 14 & 18 so I've never bed able to just stay in bed all day). Also, does pain compound aftter so much pain in different areas?

Were you able to get the rest you needed to recover? If you can find the time, we love updates! :)
It is interesting that you broke this up into three procedures. I typically perform the tummy tuck and breast surgery at the same setting so that it is one anesthetic and one recovery. You had a lot done at your first procedure and that may be part of the issue as you have a lot of responsibilities at home and probably did not have adequate time to play the role of the patient prior to your next anesthetic. Try to take it easy and delegate some of your responsibilities as this will giver you more time to recover.
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