Scars Placed to High, :(

After lipo,Dr took too much fat,I was left with...

After lipo,Dr took too much fat,I was left with sagging skin.Solution was a tummytuck, now I was left with a scar to high up, now my bikinis/hipster don't cover scar. what can I do? Do I have to repeat procedure? I believe fluid still under my skin and it is taking time for the skin to reabsorbed. Need help.

I had a tummy tuck 2 months ago. The incision was placed too high and my bikinis/underwear don't cover it. Do I have to do it again?? It was a stressful procedure, what can I do?
thanks, the problem is the traveling and the recovery in a different country, thanks anyway for your help. I would like to know if a can get another TT to lower my scar, can this be done again??
If you wanna have a TT in latin america. The best place is South America (Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia)
I had my TT done in Bolivia at very affordabel cost and the scar are perfect.. because plastic surgeons there are used to deal with patients who are in bikini 90% of the year,,,so the sacrs has to be perfect.
Thanks Sharon for your comment. It was very helpful. God Bless
Dr. Monica Espinoza

She performed a liposuction, then I was left with sagging skin. She didn't charge me for correction(tummy tuck), but scar was placed to high up and can't use my bikinis or hipster. I had to buy different underwear and bathing suit :(

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