Swell Hell

I did it to be slimmer- so far i am not- maybe 1/2...

i did it to be slimmer- so far i am not- maybe 1/2 inch in the waist. most of my problem was upper abs, i was told by my doctor that he could pull down and get it but i have not seen this yet.

my abs are irregular the tighter areas are sunk in and the looser areas are blooped out. it has been over 5 months- what is going on, please- i can't find any info on this ,according to everything i have read, i should be healed. the on ly reference i found was on real self and she talked about her 5 month swell hell.

please tell me if this is normal. i am freeking out. thanks

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aw, how awfull honey. hope all goes well.keep me posted.
i will see my pc today and ask hw much reduction in swelling ( and waistline) to be expected.
love, julia
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Unfortunatly i have to go on one more tt! The bulge over the incision didnt go away so we have to repair it! I dont know what to think any mOre!
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hi ladies,

i am almost 5 months post full tt with mr. and yes... swelling is getting worse. the more i exercise
( power plate, crunches, gym, swimming ) the more i swell. lost practically no weight, although i watch my food intake. but....in the morning, when i suck my tummy, i see the muscles underneath. and.... no wrinkles when i suck my tummy. i hate to be patient but alas i sit it out till the one year mark. anyone has something positive to say after the one year mark? love and succes for you all from germany. julia
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hi mate! i have the exact same problem! i am swollen as hell and my left side over the incision is bigger than right and it is slightly falling over the scar! i also dont know what to think any more!
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