Considering Repeat Tuck for Stretch Marks

I had a tummy tuck in 2000 following a...

I had a tummy tuck in 2000 following a hysterectomy. When clothed it looks great - nice flat tummy. But I had really extensive strecth marks, only some of which were removed as a result of the surgery.

I have been recently widowed and at 45 yrs old I would like to consider dating and intimacy again however I am extremely embarrassed by these stretch marks, some of which still extend above my umbilicus. I would like to consider a repeat tuck to see if I can eliminate some of more them or at least get rid of the ones above my umbilicus.

I hope you get the results you are looking for. I have been told that you can go back for another TT years later since your skin has been able to become more elastic again. So go for it..I'm sure they can get most if not all of those stretch marks gone!
I had a mini tummy tuck in Feb '09 and wished I had gotten a full, as I suggested to my surgeon. He told me a mini would be best. I am not satisfied because, I still have an enormous amount of stretch marks left over. I will be getting another tuck.
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