Abdominoplasty, Spent 22 Days in ICU

!2/39/08 i had extended abdominoplasty that...

!2/39/08 i had extended abdominoplasty that extended all around to my behind. 2/days post-op recieved 4u blood. went home then 2/days later severe back pain developed PE and MD had to repeat entire surgery. had bleeders that needed tying off or cuaderized?

He has never really explained what happened. Spent twenty two days in ICU (this led to high cost). Kidneys were on the blink for a long time but now okay.

Had very painful recovery. thighs were big as watermelons for weeks until i begged for lasix and they went down to nl. Still having numbness all around. MD says it will return? Have miserable phantom itching that i can not scatch. weak weak weak! more happened but i'll stop here.

No hx of smoking,bld thinners. I do not have a functioning pituitary gland secondary to pit. tumor in 98' but my endocrinologist cleared me. I take 125mg of levothyroxine and 6mg prednisone qd. no other health probs. had a gastric bypass in 2000 because brain tumor (in98') blew me up.

am i suppose to have this much pain? will the numbness evr go away? Was it something i did that caused me to bleed so much? My scars are ugly. What happened? Should he not have done the surgery all the way around my body? I'm so afraid that one day i will injure myself somehow in the numb areas and won't know it? Help? Will i get better?

Dr. Luftman is my plastic surgeon. I have had a couple breast augmentations. I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck with him. I am traveling six hours back to him because I am so confident in him. What did you think about him?
I had a consultation with him and I was impressed with him. He did my sister's breast lift and implants about 10 years ago. I am however going to do my surgery with Dr. Schantz. One of the reasons is that he will do my tummy tuck and breast lift at the same time. Dr. Luftman would not do them together. I do think Dr. Luftman is a good doctor as is Dr. Schantz. My sister loved him.
Who was your doctor? I am planniing on having it done and after reading your story, I am frightened. I am also from the Lexington, Ky area. I have had one consultation from Dr. Luftman and am thinking about getting another one from Dr. Schantz. Has anyone had experience with either of these doctors? Please let me know.

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I just get the feeling that he is not as experienced as he should be with the type surgery i had.though he was very nice

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