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Tummy Tuck Incl. in Hernia Surgery and Abdominal Wall Repair

I had several hernias after pregnancy and a torn...

I had several hernias after pregnancy and a torn abdomninal wall. They had to repair my wall and fix hernias so I had to also get a tummy tuck.

I love that my stomach is flat now and I no longer have hernia discomfort. The con was now I have severe what they like to call puppy ears.

What excersizes can i do to help get rid of these, if any.
Your surgeon should fix those as part of the procedure. This usually is standard practice.
How long ago did you have your tummy tuck? It should go away in time.
I had a bit of dog ears at the end of my scars at first too and now after 10 months they smoothed out almost totally. Not sure how long ago you had your surgery but you could definitely go to a plastic surgeon and ask about it. Good luck!
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I Feel they did a poor job it was Navy so for free.

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