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My Belly Button is Way off Center After Tummy Tuck

I am 36 yrs old 6' tall and 175 lbs, on August...

I am 36 yrs old 6' tall and 175 lbs, on August 4th, 2009 I had a full tummy tuck along with liposuction. I had this done due to my stretch marks caused by having a baby at 16. I want to wear a bikini before I get too old.

It is 3 weeks post surgery, I still have one of the two drains in and I am going crazy! I have measured myself pre and post and even with all the swelling I have lost 1 inch on each thigh 1.5 inches on hips and 1.5 on waist. I am excited about this but I have one question regarding my belly button!

I was not that saggy in the stomache area and in...

I was not that saggy in the stomache area and in the before pictures my belly button looks like it is in the middle but now it looks like its off center about 3/4 of an inch from my breasts and my crotch. Is it always going to be that way? Dr. says he did not move but is it possible it moved without him knowing? Will it center itself? I do still have swelling but it looks to be even on both sides.
I wish there was. All I can suggest is maybe your doing too much and need to take it a bit easier. I know swelling continues when you do too much. It does seem like if your belly button is pulling in the same direction as the drain is in, it would make sense you have swelling and obviously fluid still there. I really think it will move once the fluid is gone and you will be happy with the final outcome.
Thanks so much for your input.. You have helped me feel more confident about the whole thing.
I have the same problem and I am 5 weeks out. However, my bellybutton was off centered slightly pre op which I didn't notice until the morning of my surgery and the doctor drew a line from the middle of my breasts down and sure enough it wasn't centered. I noticed about a week ago it seems even more off than it was before. I realized what's happened is the bottom part of the belly button is being pulled off to one side so it's kind of crooked and being pulled in the same direction as it is off centered so it really looks off now. My doctor has said the skin will probably relax a bit more on that side and hopefully even out a bit. Othrwise, there is some re-positioning he can do about 6 months out if it hasn't corrected itself. Okay, now that I told you my story back to you. You commented you still have a drain in. Is it on the side your belly button is off centered? You could have a bit more swelling or fluid build up on that side and don't really notice it just by looking. You could also have the problem I have which is the skin is pulled a bit tighter on that side causing it to look off a bit. I know the stem from your belly button doesn't move when doing a tummy tuck and they place the new belly button right where the stem is so it should be in the same place it was before. Being you are only three weeks out, give it some time and hopefully, everything will correct itself. If not, you can always discuss it with your doctor and see what he/she says. Good luck!
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