Long Term Swelling After Tummy Tuck

Recovery was slow. Incisions healed well but...

Recovery was slow. Incisions healed well but scarred abnormally. Had belly button injected now hoping it will fade eventually. Scar revision done on one side for dogear pucker. Love the pouch being gone always bothered by it. Still having trouble with upper ab swelling.

Still swelling in upper abdomen 8 months post-op...

Still swelling in upper abdomen 8 months post-op after exercise or too much sitting. Tried to return to gymn last week and only doin minimal weight on all machines. Treadmill is ok as long as i don't walk tooo fast. Will this ever stop!!
I feel fine and look fine to everyone else but still have the distended feeling in my upper abdomen especially after eating. The only time it really feels normal is first thing in the morning when i wake up. I think mine is due to the muscle repair he did tightening up my upper part. Feels like its all tied in a bunch in the middle now. Sorry i can't be of any help
"Not Sure",
Your name describes exactly how I feel. I had a TT in 6-10 and the 1st 3 weeks were great healing; I then got a seroma in the upper abdomen area. It was drained a few times and then they finally inserted a drain, which began to get infected so was removed, but the seroma had diminished. Weeks later, I noticed the swelling in my upper abdomen was not going down and to this day is still swollen / bloated looking. I look like I am pregnant and carrying really high. Have you gotten any answers from your PS (mine seems baffled). PS - I am very active too and mine swells also when I work out! Thanks for your response and time; hope you are feeling better.
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