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17 Days After Tummy Tuck - Recovery/lifting Questions

I had a full tummytuck 17 days ago, i am concerned...

i had a full tummytuck 17 days ago, i am concerned about the swelling i have. i also have a baby that weighs 17 pounds that i recently had to pick up in his car seat, i'm hoping i did not tear or rip a internal stitch.

i was told by staff at the surgeons office that i could pick up my baby after a week, i wish i would have researched it better. but by reading info online about it they say about 4 to 6 weeks before lifting anything heavier then 10 pounds. i am really freaking out about it, i had child care the first week, but it is hard to have round the clock childcare unless you have a live-in nanny which i dont have.

Lifting baby and tummy tuck - just wanting some info about what i should do, and lifting baby.


I am 9 weeks PO from a TT. I too had a 18 pd baby at home. I put steps next to the crib and then had him stand and kind of got him over the lowered gate the the crib. I changed his diaper on the coach or automen. I had to kind of teach him to crawl into the SUV/carseat with little help from me. I can understand your nervouse. I am concerned now that I have done damage some time in my healing process, but as of now Dr. says it is still swelling but I am not sure?? Good luck
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yes, there is a burning sensations if you have ripped a suture. i would just try not to pick up the child as much, and wear your binder as much as possible so your not flexing your abdominal muscle so much. but i guess picking up and putting down the child should be alright?
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If you popped a stitch you would know. If you are really that concerned I would call your doctor and ask questions.
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