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Tummy Tuck - Worried About Post-op Swelling

I had a tummy tuck with lipo almost 2 weeks ago. I...

I had a tummy tuck with lipo almost 2 weeks ago. I am currently not experiencing the outcome that I expected and would like. I feel that not enough fat has been removed.

My doctor told me that he had to leave part of the lower stomach there due to possible blood supply complications.

I am not happy knowning I paid so much money, but may be making judgement too soon.

I recently had a tummy tuck and lipo. I am 2 weeks post-op and feeling like my stomach is way bigger than expected. Currently the lower part of my belly is big, feels bloated and numb. Is this normal? I was advised by the doctor that at least 50% of the swelling would go away within a month? Is numbness and swelling to the point of not being able to see your "feminine" area normal post-op a tummy tuck?


I am 2 1/2 weeks post tt/flank lipo. I have noticeable contouring changes but swelling is a bit "uneven" as it is going down. Wearing Spanx 24/7 and my pre-surgery pants are hanging on me already. numbness/tingly around belly button and belly in general. Little mini "twinge/shocks" at incision and in surgery area that I think of us nerves reconnecting. Anxious to be done with swelling but have been told - up to 6 months for complete reduction so hoped for a skinny summer and will probably have a skinnier winter LOL! Pain wise - I felt like I had done 300 sit ups. Sore but not what I would call pain like with a C-section. Feel really really lucky. Off pain killers (percs) in 3 days. Took xtra strength Tylenol for a few more days. Over all - saw dr. 2 weeks after and got cleared until July! Incision is a pink line the size of a Flair tip marker which is awesome! Waiting for goofy steri-strips to fall off naturally. Once my belly button looks like it used to, I shall assume I am still swelling. Best decision to do this surgery!
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mello, sorry for the delay in replying. I am 5 weeks post op and I am still wearing my corset. My swelling has reduced and I can now get in my pre op clothes, but I still am swollen. It really is a waiting game. I have had other minor problems like seroma, which has been leaking out, so I am still in dressing. My Dr has been excellent, because of my seroma, I have seen him twice a week, he has kept an eye on me. So far, I have not noticed a big change in the way my clothes fit, but I still have a lot of swelling. I do notice my new contour. No more loose skin, or rolls. No more love handles, it is really wonderful. I know that is it the swelling that stops me from having that full wow factor. Once the swelling goes, I know I would drop down a size or two and I know fit in my pre-op clothes comfortably and I still have serious swelling. Pain wise, I am very lucky. It was just uncomfortable. I have not felt one pain. I lie, only when they took out the drains. Apart from that, odd pulls etc, but not any pains. I hope you are looking forward to your op. It really does change your life and your confidence. Even though I have a long way to go, I find myself wearing things I would never had worn before. That bulge went from day one, it is now the waiting game for the swelling. It really is worth it.
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I had my tt 15 days ago. I am experiencing some swelling, but I have alreaday started noticing some difference. The bulge has gone. I had lipo on my flanks, although it is swollen it looks smaller than before. People have already started commenting about it. I think watch the swelling and talk to your dr about it.
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