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Indented Scars from Tummy Tuck

I had twins and had excess skin i could not get...

I had twins and had excess skin i could not get rid of. However, i ended up with an unexpected (still unexplained) vertical scar and the horizontal scar is very indented. My doctor says he "doesn't see what I am complaining about." The deep indentation is visible through clothing.

I had a tummy tuck two years ago and was dissatisfied with the results. First, although I was prepared for a big scar, I also have a vertical scar running up from the center of my horizontal bikini line scar half way to my belly button. i don't know anyone else who has this scar. Second, my horizontal scar in majorly indented-you can see the indent through my clothes. Why? Do I need to see another doctor for revision? or is this as good as it gets?
I would love to see a picture of your scar. I had mine 6 months ago and my scar is indented too. I do not like it at all! I do not have a vertical scar too, though.
would love to see yours. mine is indented too and I do NOT like it!
Vertical scars are rarely used except if there is a lot of skin following massive weight loss. scar revision versus fraxel or fat grafting might be the answer.
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