Tummy Tuck - Stomach Improved but Not As Flat As Expected

I had a tummy tuck 10 months ago is it normal for...

I had a tummy tuck 10 months ago is it normal for the inside of your stomach to itch especially around my my navel.Is something i can do.

My tummy look better now than before.My stomach is not as flat as I thought it would be. maybe i need more lipo.

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My doctor was very nice

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Hi: I do have the same itching at times but nothing to really be alarmed about. Sometimes i just use my hand and slightly bang the area. I also asked a few of my friends who had the same procedure done and they have the same itching, one of my friends also told me at times she feel like something is crawling all over her tummy and sometimes feel some real tightness i felt that too, and her procedure was done about three to four years ago.
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I too had a full tummytuck 7 mths ago with muscle tightening. I had a wonderful surgeon, I had no problems at all smooth sailing, my only concern is that i am not that flat and one side is a bit higher than the other only noticably unlike my friends who had it done with the same surgeon, they are as flat as a pancake. I am now considering to do a smartlipo of the abdomen, even though throughout my research I have not find no one who actually did that before. I have an appointment with a plasticsurgeon soon I see what he thinks. If any did that I will be happy to hear from you.
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