Holding a Baby Again

It was good. I have 3 kids and with each...

It was good. I have 3 kids and with each pregnancy gained at least 65 pounds, and I started out at 120 with all of them. I had a lot of skin and a few layers of fat that I could not get off with exercising, so I got a TT. So far I am swollen so I don't know how well I like it now! Hopefully the swelling will go down soon.

I had a tummy tuck a week ago. I have a 10 month old and want to know when I can hold her again. My doctor said to be careful if I do hold her because of blood clots. What do you think? (I had a mini tummy tuck)

Tightwaude, I'd ask your Dr. what he or she recommends. I generally let my patients hold their children right away, but they need to be careful about lifting them because of the muscle repair. Hang in there:) Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS Ogden, UT
can i get the doctor name of phone number
I had my TT 2 weeks ago and also have little ones. My 2 year old is dying for me to pick him up but you can't. My doc said 8 weeks before lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk, and to be very cautious just holding young children because you wont have the strength if they fall to catch them or to keep them from getting hurt without hurting yourself. I knew this was "selfish" having a tt when my boys were little, but at the same time I have never done anything for myself and right now I have decided to let my husband do the snuggling for the next few weeks. Please take care of yourself, this is still "you" time, don't rush it.
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He was really nice.

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