Full Tummy Tuck After 4 Children (5'2", 145 Pounds)

I had a full TT June 23, 09. The pain was more...

I had a full TT June 23, 09. The pain was more than I could have even imagined. I still have the drain so far after 2 weeks...but my stomach is black...the skin from my belly button down to my scar is black. It seems to be like a burn now and starting to peel off little at a time and leaving new skin underneith. But, my skin hurts...goose bumps hurt on my stomach...some times I can't stand to have anything against my stomach...has anyone gone thru that? Or the black skin (dead skin) and if you did how does it look now.

I had it done because of having 4 children, 5'2 145 pounds...Oh yes, sorry I am all over the place, but my Dr. is well qualified for this and came highly recommended. He even said he had not seen this in 2 years. It has not been worth it yet...it may change but right now, wouldn't do it again.

Updated on Aug 20, 2009
I had a full tt in june 09, with lipo. The day I came home from his office I noticed a very dark patch on my stomach, this got darker and darker about a 6x6 area. The doctor finally after about a month cut the dark leather area off and now I just have open skin, like a huge dog bite. I have had it debrieved 5x's. How long does this take to heal, I am a non smoker, not over weight, The doctor tells me his nurses bound me to tight when surgery was over. I wear pads two on my wound site to keep the oozing from going down my leg and keep it off my clothes. I am just tired, and tired of pain.


I don't know what to do now, should I get a second opinion, or just not do anything. And, I shouldn't be responsible for fixing this should I? I paid 7,000.00 the first time and it is way from being ok.
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I had a TT less than a week ago, it looks good and I feel fine, but I don't have any drains in they took them out on day two before I left hospital. Is that ok
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I'm sorry to hear that your recovery has been eventful. Sometimes there are wound healing issues with a tummy tuck. It's hard to say how long it will take to heal; it may be a few weeks or a month. When it heals more than likely you will have a thicker scar in that area. With time the scar softens and can potentially be fixed after about 6 months or so. I wouldn't be alarmed about being debrided 5 times; that is normal practice when there is dead tissue. The surgical cleaning helps speed wound healing. Talk to your surgeon. He/she will have a better understanding of your issues and how long it will take for the wound to heal. Don't despair. There is hope!
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OMG, I don't think that is normal!! I had my TT exactly 2 weeks ago today. My tummy looks great!! Normal color, nice and flat. I do have three drains in, (one on each hip and one above pubic area). My pain is ok, I came back to work yesterday. I should have my drains removed tomorrow but I only have a 'sore' felling, no real pain. I was close to your size....5' and about 130 lbs, after having two kids. I have never heard about the blackening of the skin or pealing.
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