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Belly Button Caving in Post TT

I had a tummy tuck performed 2 months ago. For...

I had a tummy tuck performed 2 months ago. For three days straight my belly button started to hurt very badly when it never had before. In fact I have total feeling in it, and its nice and soft, no complaints. BUT, all of a sudden I woke up one morning and the pain was gone.

When I looked at it, the belly button had sunk in, to actually look more like a normal belly button. Now one half is sunk in and the other half (right side) is swollen, I figure because im still pretty swollen on my right side just above the main incision.

I cannot google enough to find anything about a bellybutton caving in. Im scared to death some suture popped and the whole thing is going to rip open.

The pain was the worst imaginable but two months later, and still struggling, I do feel it was well worth it. Would I do it again, no way!

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My doctor blew me off with the extreme pain I was having five weeks post op. Turns out I was bleeding internally.

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Hi yes i had my tt April 29th so it's just about 1 year now. I had swelling around my belly button and pain. I too thought I bust a stitch or two. But you have to keep in mind that it takes 1 year or more for your tt to heal. Please be patient your going to be fine. My surgeon did a wonderful job and everything he explained to me from my pre op to my post op was exactly on point. Yes my tt was done at the aultman medical center for plastic surgery, done by the one and only Dr. Steven Carp.
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Hi, I know it's been almost 1 1/2 since you had your tt. I am reading as much posts as I can. Interested in having tt and lipo. Also live in Akron and would love to know who the ps so I don't have to use him/her. Thanks.
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Hello sorry to hear of your discomfort I'm having my tt in akron also on the 29th please share your ps name. thank you
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I live in Akron OH. Please provide his name so that I do not go to him. Would you recommend anyone in this area that you heard may be good by word-of-mouth?
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Hi. I had issues with my belly button. I would call your plastic surgeon or dotor asap. It is probably a retained sticth the problem I'm having & I waited 9 months to see my plastic surgeon. Don't wait make an appointment right away. I'm sure it will be ok but it can become infected as it has in my case. They shouldn't charge any money for the appointment as it is considered a follow up & any complications need to be taken care of by the plastic surgeon. Good Luck!
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